MAP013 /// Grykë Pyje – Collision And Coalescence

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released by mappa as MAP014 in 2020

Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl. Edition of 200.

The missed seed of cryptobotany music. Jani Hirvonen (Uton) and Johannes Schebler (Baldruin) reconstruct the mesmerizing world of the Grykë Pyje swamp tribe. Vinyl in your hands is a ceremonial sonification of the sacred herbarium, painted myths of the animal kingdom and voices behind the thicket. A return to the time when the forests, tree crowns, soil, thickets and heaven were full of continuous murmur. Or, on the contrary, a vision of a future in which the chaos of natural noises will reign. Slimy earthworms and phosphorescent bugs crawl out of the holes and gaze toward the sky. Brightly colored birds pick juicy fruits and there is no silence, because it is absorbed by the buzz of a virgin ecosystem. In the caves, marshes and hollows of trees, the most important questions are decided. A polyrhythmic rain falls from the sky and washes the prehistoric mud from mammalian hair. Somewhere to see human footprints, but those who have left them are long hidden under giant leaves. The light, reflected from the vibrant structure of life itself, dances for all, in full color. The feast of photosynthesis. Nothing to see from the top. Plants, moss and mushrooms grow at a tremendous rate. They climb each other to break through the lush green blanket. And above all, the orange disc shines pleasantly.


All tracks recorded in Turku (Finland) and Wiesbaden (Germany) by Jani Hirvonen and Johannes Schebler in 2018 & 2019 

Cover Art: „Encounter“, 2019 by Mevlana Lipp & Gallery KUK Cologne

Mastered by Pentti Dassum 

Thanks to Jakub Juhás 

released by mappa as MAP013 in 2019




As it usually goes without saying with these two wild magicians from the woods, right from the starts we are here to experience maximum weirdness, off-charts musicality, undercover psychonautics and extraterrestrial invocations. All those voices and bloops and blips and warped geometries of cryptobotany music are definitely meant not for everyone, at least if you approach music from the consumer’s perspective. For relaxing, background chill, for sleeping, or just for fun ~ it always says something about what we are expecting from music but not about what we can give to it ourselves… Microphones in Trees

Jani Hirvonen (Uton) and Johannes Schebler (BaldruinDiamantener Oberhof) have a long history of making ritualistic sounds that blur the lines between ambient, drone, and worldly folk music. In my mind, their solo output is closely associated with a peak time in the international experimental underground where labels like Housecraft, SicSic, Digitalis, Last Visible Dog and many others were pumping out tapes and cd-rs of free folk, psychedelic weirdness at a dizzying clip. Not one’s who rest on their laurels, this Finnish/German duo have remained active both as solo artists and on a few occasions have joined together under the name, Grykë Pyje, where they compose what they call “cryptobiology music”. What they create on Collision and Coalescence, their second full-length LP, is a rich, imaginary sonic ecosystem of chattering animal and plant life, gooey ectoplasmic ambience and pulsations, and chiming and shimmering sun-soaked activities. I suppose you could dub this a form of World Music or New Age music, or perhaps more tangentially there are nods to Mort Garson’s (Mother Earth’s) Plantasia, but to me this is pure headphone phantasia: easy to get lost in and to map out your own alternate green reality(Free Form Freekout)

Vous ne le saviez probablement pas, mais derrière leurs apparats d’écosystème paisible, les innombrables espèces que comptent la faune et la flore des marécages forestiers s’adonnent à la musique lorsque personne n’écoute. Jani Hirvonen et Johannes Schebler ont néanmoins eu la chance de pouvoir partager quelques unes de ces sessions, entre la Finlande et l’Allemagne. Ce qui nous permet d’entendre pour la première fois une musique taguée « cryptobotany »(TARTINE DE CONTREBASSE)