Jonáš Gruska

Kraskovo I,II,III / 48.498713343, 19.988862276  „Nahrávky z kostola v Kraskove sú štúdiami súčasného stavu jeho zvukových nástrojov. Keďže pre organové nahrávky boli štandardne potrebné dve osoby (jeden pumpuje, druhý hrá), zastúpili ma v pozícii hráča kontrolovane ukladané kamene, nájdené v okolí kostola. Ja, ako hybný element, som sa staral o manuálne dúchanie do deravého mechu […]

Stanislav Abrahám

Rybník / 48.545218953, 20.131164193  „Důvody, proč jsem pro výstup ze své rezidence zvolil formát audiodokumentu, jsou dva. Prvním důvodem je, že jsem už od svého příjezdu neměl příliš chuť tvořit jakési spektakulární abstraktní zvukové kompozice, ale chtěl jsem nějakým způsobem zřetelněji pracovat s atmosférou místa a svých pocitů z něj. Druhým důvodem je, že v […]

MAP012 /// IQ+1 – Conversaphone Plus

Conversaphone Plus by IQ+1 order vinyl here released by mappa as MAP012 in 2019 ~~~(SK/CZ version below ↓↓↓↓)~~~  We announce the joyous return of the spacecraft known as IQ+1 to Planet Earth.  After more than six years, which its members spent on experiments, improvisational side-missions, solo excursions, and hunting for material, we can finally welcome […]

MAP011 /// Sarah Hennies – Sisters (by Lenka Novosedlíková)

Sarah Hennies: Sisters by Lenka Novosedlíková buy vinyl here released August 01, 2018 We discovered the church in Kyjatice three years ago during our irregular wanderings across southern Slovakia. We were completely enchanted by this well hidden medieval building standing over the village, surrounded by sunny fields and dense forests. We asked ourselves how we […]

MAP010 /// Simon Whetham – Open and Closed Circles

<a href=““>Open and Closed Circles by Simon Whetham</a> sold out released March 28, 2018 Mappa invited me to make a work for cassette release. At the time I was putting finishing touches to a work for CD that was the result of 3 years of collection, distillation, presentation and consideration. I had made a conscious […]

MAP09 /// MP Hopkins – Aeroplanes & Puddles

Aeroplanes & Puddles by MP Hopkinssold out released February 7, 2018 This recording is based on a particular geographic area of Sydney: the industrial zone around Sydenham Train station. As with many inner city industrial areas in large cities all over the western world, this place is ripe for redevelopment. However, in this case, due […]

MAP08 /// Bruno Duplant, Pedro Chambel – Autofictions

Autofictions by Bruno Duplant, Pedro Chambel buy here released September 13, 2017 Mappa editions presents special project of Bruno Duplant and Pedro Chambel duo which connects field recordings (2 CD) and Duplant’s photographic project emerging from the same concept. “All my new pieces with field recordings are „autofictions/self-fictions“. Field recordings, like always with me came […]

Nothing Important Nothing #1

mappa platform for sound art installations and performances in Slovakia and Czech Republic   inštalácie: Pierre Berthet (BE) & Rie Nakajima (JP) / Dead Plants And Living Objects Simona Gottierová (SK) / Skin, Surface, Space and Orange 20.10.17 / 18:00 / Bratislava (SK) / Laurinská 14 / vchod vedľa Urban House 22.10.17 / 17:00 / Brno […]

MAP07 /// Catriel Nievas, Sergio Merce – Pampa

Pampa by Catriel Nievas, Sergio Merce buy here released July 11, 2017 Sergio Merce, Lucio Capece, Federico Barabino they are all experimental musicians from Merlo, Buenos Aires, that is strange because it´s a place where there isn´t much to do, and there isn´t an experimental background or something like that. I invited Sergio to play […]

MAP06 /// Diatribes – Sistere

Sistere by Diatribes sold out released March 15, 2017 „The two pieces are played live, over a background recording, which is a technic we used also on the previous pieces, creating doubt of perception. We wanted to get back to „real“ instruments and work with their natural sound, but still keep them in an electroacoustic […]